About TTM

Tame the Mane: A family-friendly Wilmington barbershop

Our Team of Barbers and Hair Stylists

For over 7 years, Tame the Mane has been providing top-notch haircuts and grooming services to the Wilmington community for both men and boys and anyone else! We are proud of our rating on Google, and of our clients that tell others about their great haircuts at Tame the Mane in Wilmington, NC.

The team of barbers and hair stylists at Tame the Mane is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our clients. Our barbers and stylists are constantly learning and growing, expanding their skills to offer the latest trends and techniques in hair care. This focus on professional development has helped the shop establish a reputation for quality, and the team is always looking for new ways to improve.

Family Friendly Environment 

At Tame the Mane, the atmosphere is as important as the haircuts. The shop is designed to be a relaxing and inviting space, where clients can unwind and enjoy a great haircut. Whether you're looking for a simple trim or a full haircut and beard trim, the friendly staff will make sure you feel at home.

The shop is also a great choice for families, with a welcoming and inclusive environment that's perfect for kids of all ages. Plus, pet owners will be happy to know that Tame the Mane is a pet-friendly barbershop, so you can bring your furry friend along for the ride.

Wilmington, NC

Tame the Mane has two convenient locations in Wilmington, North Carolina. The first location is on Market Street in Ogden, and the second is located in the Monkey Junction area. Both locations offer the same high-quality haircuts and grooming services that have made Tame the Mane a staple in the Wilmington community.

The Monkey Junction location is relatively new and is quickly becoming a popular destination for haircare services. The shop is taking on new clients every day and offers a full range of services, from simple trims to full grooming experiences. With its convenient location and commitment to quality, the Monkey Junction location of Tame the Mane is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a great haircut in Wilmington.

Tame the Mane is the perfect destination in Wilmington, NC for anyone looking for a high-quality haircut in a relaxing and welcoming environment. With our commitment to professional development, family-friendly atmosphere, and pet-friendly policies, our barbershop truly stands out from the rest.